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2020 is a very unusual year. Facing the challenge of COVID-19, the Institute of Botany, CAS, has successfully completed the objectives of the Institute's "One-Three-Five Plan".

This year, the institute actively undertook major scientific and technological tasks from the state and CAS; and produced a number of important original achievements. Strategic Priority Research Program A -“Science and Technology Innovation for Grass-based Livestock Husbandry” led by the institute has been launched. As the project presiding organization, the institute has made great progress in the undergoing Strategic Priority Research Programs, including “Earth Big Data Science”, “Beautiful China”, etc. Some other state major programs were newly approved from MOST and NSFC90 papers were published in International mainstream journals, including Cell, Nature, PNAS, Plant Cell, Ecology, etc.

This year, the institute also carried out some tasks for serving the major national demand. Good results have been achieved in poverty alleviation through the “hybrid mulberry S & T promotion”. Grass-based Livestock Husbandry team won the "science and technology promotion development award of Chinese Academy of Sciences" because of their technology demonstration in Hulunbuir. In addition, in order to provide scientific and technological support for local industrial development, the institute has actively carried out the collaborations with local government or enterprises, including the investigation and monitoring of aquatic plant community in Qianjiangyuan National Park, and the Sorghum breeding and industrialization demonstration.

This year, the institute kept strengthening the construction of research platforms and talent teams. The Plant Science Database Center was approved, which is one of the 18 scientific database center of CAS. Qianjiangyuan forest biodiversity field monitoring and research station has been approved as a national field station, which provides important support for the development of the discipline. Two big research teams and three research groups were newly built up. Several researchers got awards from the state and CAS.

In 2021, surrounding with the “The 14th Five Year Plan”, the institute will systematically plan the long-term development of discipline and interdisciplinary fields; strive to accelerate the pace of innovation and development. New building of Photobiology research will be built to provide more research space. Administration reform will be conducted deeply to facilitate the research work.

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