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Education & Training

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By the end of 2018, there were 76 graduate students studying in IOB in total, including 335 Master students and 441 PhD students. In addition, there were 21 foreign students and 77 postdoctoral researchers in IOB.

Strengthen Cooperation with Universities to Attract Highquality Students

In 2018, IOB further strengthened its cooperation with universities. Through joint training with Beijing Forestry University, Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology, Central China Normal University and Lanzhou University, IOB actively expanded the channels of enrollment. Meanwhile, recruiting activities such as Summer Intern of Undergraduates from University of CAS, Open Day for Undergraduates, Summer Camp, Elites Class of Plant Science, Advocacy admissions policy in universities were successively held by IOB, laying excellent foundation for the selection and admission of exam-free candidates. As a result, 42 exam-free students (including 9 doctoral candidates) were admitted in advance and 13 of them were awarded the scholarship of CAS. Moreover, IOB actively took part in the “CAS Innovative Practice Training plan for college students”and encouraged undergraduate students to participate in scientific researches in IOB. 20 projects were granted and IOB was then honored the Award for Excellent Organization.

Organizing Course Forum to Stimulate the Spirit of Scientific Research

IOB carefully organized two professional degree courses for postgraduates. More than 20 well-known experts at home and abroad were invited to give lectures on the frontier knowledge and scientific writing skills. The course direction, content and time were optimized to meet the different professional needs as far as possible, in order to improve the professional foundation and comprehensive ability of postgraduates, stimulating the
enthusiasm for scientific research and the spirit of exploration. Sponsored by the “Postgraduate Forum Project of CAS”, IOB hosted the “Postgraduate Forum of Botanical Sciences” in 2018, and selected 50 postgraduate candidates from 27 universities and institutes, which provided a platform for the collision and blending of ideas for postgraduates.

In 2018, 138 graduates applied and received their degrees in IOB, including 67 Master Degrees and 71 Doctor Degrees. Their research articles were published in famous international journals such as Nat Commun, Nat Plant, New Phytol, Plant J, PLoS Genet, etc.

Group Photo of 2018 Graduate Ceremony

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