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National Field Station for Grassland Ecosystem in Xilingol, Inner Mongolia, China(CERN Station)
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Inner Mongolia Grassland Ecosystem Research Station (IMGERS) CAS. is located in the Xilin River Basin, Inner Mongolia(43°38' N, 116°42' E, 1100 m.a.s.l.)and is also known as the key scientific and research platform of Chinese National Ecological Research Network and Chinese Ecosystem Research Network. IMGERS aims at developing long-term investigation and study on the stability and sustainability mechanism of the typical steppe ecosystem at the Inner Mongolian Plateau. At present, IMGERS has 19 full time members, possesses more than 160 experimental instruments and 6 monitoring and field experimental plot. Each year, more than 100 researchers and graduate students both at home and abroad come to the station to conduct field experiment. In 2011, IMGERS has obtained5 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and published 121 academic papers including 79 SCI papers.

In 2011, 24 academic papers have been published at the special issue of Plant and Soil on March, and show us the major progress of rangeland ecosystem research supported by the Sino-Germany Cooperation Project "Matter fluxes in grasslands of Inner Mongolia, as influenced by stocking rate (MAGIM)", which has largely enhanced the reputation of Inner Mongolia Grassland Ecosystem Research Station at home and abroad.

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