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East Ujumchin Grassland Ecosystem Research Station
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East Ujimuqin Grassland Ecosystem Protection and Management Research Station (shorted as East Ujimuqin station), IOB, was officially established in 2004, with great supports from the county government of East Ujimuqin and the leaders at IOB. East Ujimuqin station is located at the northeastern part of Xilingol League and bordered on Mongolia. Based on the agreement in 2004 and a follow-up supplemental agreement signed by the Director of IOB and president of East Ujimuqin local government, East Ujimuqin station started regular running since this year. The key research focus of East Ujimuqin station is on sustainable management of grazed grassland ecosystems, particularly on possible changes in ecosystem structure and functions as well as sustainable development in the region under interactive influences of grazing and global change factors. The station had an office and laboratory building, several expert apartments and other supporting facilities. In 2010, we have finished enclosing two permanent plots near the station (10 km north and west from the station) with total area around 400 hm2 after long negotiation with the local government. We made survey to one of the plots to get background data about the plots, which will be important basis for further relevant restoration experiments. The background information include aboveground and belowground biomass, soil nutrients including total C and N, available N, etc. At present, East Ujimuqin station has already made preparation for relevant researches and studies.



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