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Hunshandake Sandland Ecological Research Station
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Hunshandake station was established in 2001, located in Zhenglan Qi, Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia, situated in Hunshandake hinterland (42°54'23.00 "N; 116°0'57.55"E, altitude 1300m). The station mainly focuses on the ecological restoration and demonstration of the degraded sandy grassland, aiming to clarify the ecological restoration mechanism of degraded sandy grassland, to find out the ideal adaptive management ways of sandy grassland that can meet the integrative needs of ecological, economic and social benefits through carrying out pilot demonstrations.

In the framework of IEM (Integrative Ecosystem Management), grazing chicken has been demonstrated for consecutive three year and its impacts were investigated. A series of technical regulations have been proposed for local people as a guide. At least 10 herdsmen have mastered the technologies and tried to practice grazing chicken consciously in their own grassland totally covering around 6000 ha. More than 80% herdsmen have recognized that grazing chicken in summer is a good complementary way to utilize grassland. The demonstration has been recognized by local people and the public. CCTV-7 had reported how to graze chicken in grassland respectively in section of "Daily Agricultural Economics" (20110830) and "Technology Garden" (20111030). In 2011, more than 2000 people visited the station including 15 college students who came here from Beijing by bike.

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