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Gutianshan Forest Biodiversity and Climate Change Station
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Research Station of Forest Biodiversity and Climate Change at the Gutianshan National Nature Reserve located in Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province, China (29°15' N, 118°07' E ), which belongs to middle subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest zone. It was set up in September 2009 to explore the mechanisms of species coexistence in subtropical forest, to interpret the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of subtropical forest and monitor the carbon stock and flux of subtropical forest under global climate change. Until now, there are weather station, specimen room, physiology laboratory and chemical laboratory in the station. Besides, Gutianshan Station also collaborates with Earthwatch institute, HSBC, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Martin Luther University. The research findings are published in Ecology Letters, Ecology, Journal of Ecology and Oikos etc.

The major research works of Gutianshan station in 2011 including: enlarging 5x5m seedling traps, soil sampling in 12ha plot, monitoring underground spatial distribution of coarse and fine roots, measuring soil respiration, monitoring carbon flux (e.g. leave-litter decomposition, inventory of standing and fallen woody debris dynamics and tree growth rate), monitoring the decay of big tree trunk from dominant species and mycorrhizal fungal diversity in plant roots. Besides, more than 200 volunteers from all over the world fourteen have attended the research activities held by Gutianshan research station, including fourteen HSBC "Climate Champion" teams and five public volunteer teams. In 2011, the station also successfully held "Design and data analysis of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning experiments Sino-German Summer School", which provides good opportunity for young ecologists to cooperate.






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