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Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Physiology, CAS
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The Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Physiology, CAS (formerly named the Key Laboratory of Photosynthesis & Environmental Molecular Physiology) was established in 2000. The major focus of the Laboratory is to elucidate the molecular mechanism behind plant development and stress responses using genetic, physiological, proteomic and metabolomic tools. The laboratory aims to understand how cell differentiation, organogenesis, and biotic and abiotic responses are regulated in plants, and to use such knowledge to improve the yield and quality of crops. The Key Laboratory at the moment has 17 research groups. The Director of the Key Laboratory is Professor Tai Wang and the Chair of the Academic Committee is CAS Academician Weihua Wu.

The Key Laboratory hosts three core facility platforms, dedicated to proteomics, metabolomics and living cell imagining analysis. There are 17 sets of equipment with value over half-million RMB and many others, with the total about 40 million RMB. These state-of-the-art platforms facilitate the cutting-edge research carried out in the Lab. Through web-based appointment system, they are also shared by the local research community.

The Key Laboratory has 1 CAS Academician. We currently have 24 ongoing projects supported by the National Science Foundation of China, and 16 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2020, scientists of the Key Laboratory published 34 papers (16 with impact factor > 5) in SCI-indexed journals, including Developmental Cell, Plant Cell, Molecular Plant, New Phytologist, Plant Physiology. In addition, a series of patents were filed and granted.


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