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Key Laboratory of Photobiology, CAS
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The Key Laboratory of Photobiology, CAS (KLPB-CAS), formerly established in 1996 as the Open Laboratory of Fundamental Photosynthesis Research, was founded in December, 2009. The key laboratory focuses on the key issues of solar energy bio-transformation and its application so as to reveal the molecular regulatory mechanisms of light use efficiency. This will provide both theoretical and technical supports for applications in the fields of agriculture and energy.

The major research fields of the laboratory include: 1) efficient energy absorption, transmission and conversion of photosynthesis and its biological simulation; 2) photosynthetic function and regulatory networks; 3) regulation of light energy utilization and crop improvement for high photosynthetic efficiency.

The laboratory consists of 9 research groups and 40 staffs, including one CAS member. The Chair of the Academic Committee is Academician ZHAO Jindong and the Director of the Laboratory is Prof. Lin Rongcheng.

The laboratory has established photosynthesis spectrum technology platform, protein analysis technology platform and bio-imaging technology platform. In 2020, The online monitoring system for the cultivation of algae, Photosynthetic function spectroscopy analysis system and Steady state transient fluorescence lifetime meter went into service.

The key laboratory is undertaking 57 projects, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and CAS. In 2020, 7 invention patents were approved and 30 articles were published in international mainstream journals, including Science, Cell, Molecular Plant, Nature Communications, Nature Plants.


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