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Key Laboratory of Plant Resources,CAS
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The Key Laboratory of Plant Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences(KLPR-CAS), was established in 2013. The key laboratory currently consists of 13 research groups and 1 research team. There are 19 professors, including 3 professors entitled “National Distinguished Young Investigators” by NSFC, and one professor entitled Excellent Young Scholars by NSFC. Academician DENG Xiuxin is the Chair of the Academic Committee. The Director of the key laboratory is Prof. SANG Tao.

Facing the great strategic need of plant resources during national economic development mode changing, the key laboratory focuses on important scientific questions concerning exploitation and application of plant resources. The laboratory emphasizes the collection and evaluation of plant resources; exploitation and application of key functional genes in plant resources; creation and application of high-quality germplasm. The laboratory intends to address important scientific questions concerning research and development of plant resources, help developing and elevating the country’s bioeconomy, and meet the country’s foundamental needs in energy, environment, and food security.

Beijing Botanical Garden, Institute of Botany, CAS, is an important platform of the laboratory for collection and preservation of plant resource. In 2020, it provides important support for introduction, domestication and application of plant resources.

The technical support platforms were built up for plant resources quality analysis, genetic improvement and cell metabolite analysis. The total value of the platform equipment reaches more than 12.92 million yuan, including 22 instrument above 300,000 yuan. The platforms can be used to prepare and analyze the functional components in resources plants. The belonging large instruments achieve online booking and regional sharing.

There are currently 125 research projects, including 31 grants from NSFC, 19 from MOST, 24 from CAS, 5 for international collaboration, and 46 from development grants and others. In 2020, the key laboratory published more than 61 research papers in SCI journals, acquired 12 state invention talents and awarded 1 National Germplasm Resources Platform of Syringa.


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