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The 4th International Conference on Plant Vascular Biology
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The 4th International Conference on Plant Vascular Biology

July 19 – 23, 2016, Shenzhen, China



Organizing Societies:

The Botanical Society of China

Chinese Society of Cell Biology



The Fourth International conference on Plant Vascular Biology (PVB 2016) will be hold in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, a fast developing seaport city adjacent to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. This meeting will build upon the very successful meetings first held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2007 (organized by Ning-Sun Yang and Bill Lucas), then in the USA at Ohio State University in 2010 (organized by Biao Ding and David Hannapel) and in Helsinki, Finland in 2013 (organized by Yka Helariutta).


PVB2016 (http://www.PVB2016.org) will bring together scientists working on many diverse aspects of vascular biology, including development, evolution, environmental responses, transcriptomes, proteomics & metabolomics, biotechnology and challenges from insects and pathogens. Also included will be aspects of cellular and intercellular signaling in relation to various aspects of vascular biology.


The conference will be held in the Kylin Villa Hotel which is located in a beautiful forest setting. We hope that this location will engender informed and passionate discussions on plant vascular biology-related topics, the building of powerful collaborative projects, and a spirit of international cooperation.


We look forward to seeing you in PVB2016!


Prof. Chun-Ming Liu

Conference Co-Chair

Institute of Botany

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China


Prof. Bill Lucas

Conference Co-Chair

Department of Plant Biology

University of California, Davis, USA

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