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Catalogue of Life China 2021 Annual Checklist Released
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On May 21, the day before International Biodiversity Day, Catalogue of Life China 2021 Annual Checklist was released online. The event was organized by Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences (BC-CAS), with more than 200 participants attended. The Secretary General of BC-CAS, Prof. MA Keping, from the Institute of Botany, CAS, chaired the meeting.

In the meeting, Dr. LIN Congtian from the Institute of Zoology, Dr. LIU Bing from the Institute of Botany and Dr. ZHAO Mingjun from the Institute of Microbiology introduced the progress of animal, plant and fungi parts respectively. Dr. Olaf Banki, from Species 2000 & Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands, was invited to give a talk to share updates from Catalogue of Life. Except the introducing of 2021 Annual Checklist, experts were invited to share the status of newly published species in 2020. 

Catalogue of Life China 2021 Annual Checklist is funded by the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Strategic Biological Resources Program of CAS. And its compilation was organized by Biodiversity Committee, CAS.

There are 127950 species & infraspecific taxa in 2021 Annual Checklist of Catalogue of Life China, including 115064 species and 12886 infraspecific taxa. In the checklist, there are 56000 animal species (1445 bird species, 564mammal species, 481 amphibian specie, 463 reptile species and 4949 fish species), 38394 plant species (including 31961 angiospermae and 289 gymnosperms), and 15095 fungi species.  

In comparison with the 2020 version, there are 4833 species and 837 infraspecies added. Among them, 2477 species and 16 infraspecies added in animal part, 601 species and 282 infraspecies added in plant part, 2590 species and 557 infraspecies added in fungi part, and 2 species and 2 infraspecies added in protozoa. 

The checklist can be downloaded from the website openly (http://www.sp2000.org.cn/). Since 2018, the checklist has been downloads totally 3.5 TB. The online page has been viewed more than 8 million times. The users include the relevant ministries and commissions of the state administrative departments, research institutions, colleges and enterprises and institutions, etc. The checklist also supported a series of biodiversity related scientific research, decision-making and popularization of science. It is of great significance to support national implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Catalogue of Life China 2021 Annual Checklist Released

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