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Meeting for Asia Regional Members Committee of IUCN was successfully held on 11-13 July, 2016in Beijing, China
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Meeting for Asia Regional Members Committee of IUCN was held at the Fragrant Hill Hotel, Beijing, China on 11-13 July 2016. Eighteen representatives from twelve Asia countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Korea (DPR), Lao PDR, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Mongolia, Cambodia, Nepal, Republic of Korea, and more than twenty people from ten governments and non-governmental organizations including State Forestry Administration and IUCN China Office attended this meeting. President of IUCN was also present at the meeting. This meeting was hosted by Professor Keping Ma, Chair of IUCN Asia Regional Committee.


The objectives of this meeting included getting well prepared for Asia members to participate in the WCC-6 and finding ways and measures to promote joint efforts among IUCN members in Asia and the cooperation between secretariat and special committees.


On the morning of the 12th, Malik Amin Aslam, Vice President of IUCN, Aban Marker Kabraji, Regional Director for Asia Regional Office and Yuanhui Hu, Deputy Director General, the Foreign Cooperation Projects Center of State Forestry Administration, China, delivered opening addresses. During the report period, Raj Kumar, Membership Manager for Asia Regional Office, introduced the sixth World Conservation Conference preparations and which activities and proposals Asia members should focus on, TP Singh, Vice Director for Asia Regional Office, introduced in detail of the basic status of IUCN in Asia and the progress in the implementation of resolutions and recommendations which were closely related to Asia in the previous congress. Subsequently, the representatives of different countries gave reports about the activities of the national committee of IUCN and the preparations for the World Conservation Conference. Then, delegates were divided into two groups to discuss, the main topics include key motions and activities in WCC-6 that Asia members should pay special attention; ways to improve the implementation of resolutions and recommendations; what kinds of assistance and help from ARO for a member’s perspective.


On the morning of the 13th, five delegates from China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center, Biodiversity Committee, CAS, Japan, Republic of Korea and IUCN China Office respectively introduced the progress of the cooperation about the national biodiversity conservation in China and ASEAN, the development of the Asia Biodiversity Conservation and Database Network (ABCDNet), the progress of Asia Protected Area Partnership (APAP), the status of the tripartite meeting, as well as the IUCN Chinese progranmme and its development. Subsequently, delegates were divided into two groups to discuss two topics including challenges and opportunities for national members committee to motivate the functioning of members; ways and actions for regional committee to enhance the programmatic presence of IUCN in Asia. They reached an agreement: encourage members to attend the members’ meeting Day 1 WWC and interact with state member to motivate their functioning, regional committee should take measures to promote the interactions and co-operations among IUCN members and improve the involvement of members in projects of IUCN host by secretariat to enhance the programmatic presence of IUCN in Asia. After discussions, Researcher Keping Ma gave two recommendations for enlarging the impacts of this meeting including on behalf of ARMC to write a letter to the president and direct general about developing the suggestions and opinions to improve the IUCN work based on meeting achievements and send minutes to all members in Asia to improve work transparency and influence.


Last but not the least, Xinsheng Zhang, President of IUCN delivered a closing address. He fully affirmed the results of the meeting, and pointed out that the meeting covered the most states and participants among IUCN Asia Regional Committee meetings, as well as the first time to hold IUCN Asia Regional meeting since Biodiversity Committee, CAS become a member of the IUCN. This meeting strengthened the close cooperation among IUCN Asian Regional Members and get prepared for the coming WCC. Thanks to the sponsor of the CAS for the meeting and the success organization of the Biodiversity Committee, CAS.


World Conservation Conference (WCC): It held every four years, including two parts: the first part is the Natural Protection Forum open to the whole society (mainly including 7 types of activities: high level session, workshop, knowledge café, poster, conservation campus, pavilion and social event, the second part are general assembly and related activities of IUCN members including the trend and key management mechanism of which deciding the next 4 years (2017-2020) alliance. The main contents are as follows: (1) to approve the work report on the Union Director General and six committee chairman; (2) to vote on the proposal, more than half of its members in favor of the proposal, the proposal will become the resolutions or recommendations of the congress; (3) to consider programme of work of the new period; (4) the regional member of the committee meeting mainly listen to the candidate's campaign speech and discuss the important area work (5) to elect a new Council (including director and chairman) and six professional committee chairman.


The Sixth World Conservation Congress will be held from September 1-10 in Honululu, Hawaii.


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