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"Medicinal Flora of China" is Published
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 The volume 12 of "Medicinal Flora of China", the important inter-disciplinal academic work between botanical and medicinal sciences, was published on April 25, 2013 by scientists from Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBCAS).

The project of "Medicinal Flora of China" series started in June 2008. It consists of 13 volumes, covering 11,000-12,000 species of medicinal plants in China. The taxonomic, phytochemical, pharmacological and pharmacognosic features are described for each species. Also, included in the book are over 10,000 illustrations and 6,000 colorful pictures of Chinese medicinal plants. Volume 12 includes 14 families, 170 genera and 661 species of medicinal plants, from Arecaceae to Orchidaceae. The complilation of the whole 13 volumes will be done by June 2014.

"Medicinal Flora of China" is an authoritative reference book on traditional Chinese medicine and natural drugs. Its publication is a remarkable achievement for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and the discovery and usage of the new medicinal resources. The Academicians Hong Deyuan and Wang Wencai from Institute of Botany, CAS (IBCAS) are the directors of the editorial committee, and Dr. Zhang Shuren (IBCAS) is the deputy chief editor. Many other researchers from IBCAS are involved in the compilation of book too.

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