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The 5th EABRN-UNESCO Training Workshop “Biological Inventory and Database Construction for Biosphere Reserves Network” held in Changbaishan
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During 10-16 July 2012, the 5th EABRN-UNESCO (East Asian Biosphere Reserve Network-United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) training workshop was held in Changbaishan, China, in cooperation with EABRN-UNESCO, the Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese National Committee for DIVERSITAS and the Chinese National Committee for MAB, which marks the beginning of cooperation between Biodiversity Committee, CAS and UNESCO Beijing Office.

The theme of the workshop was Biological Inventory and Database Construction for Biosphere Reserves Network. There were participants from China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Japan, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea (ROK), the Russian Federation, and Kazakhstan who took part in the workshop.

EABRN Network pays special attention to the capacity building of biosphere reserve managers based on modern technologies and spatial tools. The one week training focused on the new technologies used in the processes of biodiversity inventory including geographical information management, field survey, and data management. Seventeen participants participated in the training and the trainees had a chance to practice the newly acquired skills in the one day field visit to Changbaishan Biosphere Reserve at the end of the training.

In parallel with the workshop, a meeting was held on the joint project on impact of climate change on biodiversity and its long term monitoring. The experts from Chenbaishan Biosphere Reserve (China), Mt Peakdu Biosphere Reserve (DPRK), Mr Sorakshan Biosphere Reserve (ROK) and Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Reserve (Russian Federation) discussed about the possibility for a joint research and agreed to start with a preliminary report.

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