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French Delegation visited the Institute of Botany
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On November 21, a 7-person delegation of French young scientists, accompanied by Dr Liu Hui from the Science and Technology Office of France Embassy in China visited the Institute of Botany, CAS (IOB, hereinafter) to conduct academic exchanges with the young scientists. Dr. ZHANG Lixin, Deputy Director of IOB met with them.

The visit is part of Zhang Heng's scheme launched by France Embassy in China. The scheme is established to promote science and technology cooperation with China. It is designed to facilitate French young researchers or engineers (under 40 years of age) to find potential partners in China.

The delegation was among the first invited to visit China. The members are from the National Higher School of Agriculture of Toulouse, the National Veterinary School of Aerfuer, and the Marine Development Research Institute of France, the Development Institute of France and the National Museum of Natural History. They are sponsored to pay a seven days’ visit (Nov. 19-27) to China under the theme of "sustainable development and biodiversity". This project will work with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, including having general information meetings related to research and innovation. Institute of Botany was their first stop in China.

Dr. Zhang Lixin extended a warm welcome to the delegation, and gave a brief introduction to the delegation members on the history, people and researches of the Institute of Botany. Participants from French side and Chinese side described their research work briefly and discussed interested topics such as ecological genetics and evolution of plant function. Dr. WANG Li, Dr. YANG Xia, Dr. LAN Ting, Dr. SHAN Hongyan, Dr. GAO Tiangang and Dr. CHEN Shiping attended the symposium.



(photoed by WANG Ke)

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