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Models Designed by CAS Researcher Displayed at the National Science Popularization Day
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Two models designed by Dr. JIANG Lianhe from Institute of Botany, CAS were displayed at National Science Popularization Day held at Beijing Olympic Park on Sep.18. The two interactive experience models, “the Process of Water Conservation by Forest” and “Scientific Forestation”, were displayed as the focus of the home activities.

The interactive experience model of “the Process of Water Conservation by Forest” is based on the forest eco-hydrology, which simulates the process of forest effective use of water resources through different rainfall  control. The model displays “canopy interception”, “stem flow”, “surface runoff” and “groundwater runoff”. It aims to popularize the forest eco-hydrology relative science knowledge for the forest how to intercept rain, store water, adjust and redistribute rainfall, and form surface runoff and groundwater runoff through the think forest canopy,shrubs, grass and litter accumulation.     

The interactive experience model of “scientific forestation” is a display model with characteristics of both science and interest. The model combines the scientific approach for forestation and water conservation. The participants can insert different models (tree, shrub, grass and litter molds) into the “soil surface mold” to simulate different approaches for forestation, the finished model assembling is tested in the testing machine of scientific forestation, which displays the scientifically forestation methods with the increase of light number by different assembling ways.

These two models not only enhance the youth and the public’s understanding of forest eco-hydrology science, but also promote the popularization of scientific knowledge.

Chinese vice president Xi Jinping and several national leaders visited the exhibition.

(Photo by Institute of Botany, CAS)

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