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" Atlas of Woody Plants in China:Distribution and Climate" published
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Recently, the " Atlas of Woody Plants in China:Distribution and Climate” edited by FANG Jingyun, WANG Zhiheng and TANG Zhiyao was jointly published by Higher Education Press and Springer Publishing, Germany. This atlas has 3 volumes and totally more than 2,000 pages, illustrating county- based distribution area and related climate information in details of more than 11,400 woody plants in China.

Accurate and spatially-explicit information on distribution of species is fundamental to the study of biogeography, botany, ecology, and conservation assessment, as well as to the application in agriculture, forestry, and horticulture. Detailed distribution maps of vascular plants in North America, Europe and Japan have been documented in the last several decades. However, no such information has been available for China’s plants, although China is one of the “megadiversity countries” with a substantially higher diversity than North America and Europe.

This atlas illustrates detailed information on county-level distribution for all the woody plants in China (11,405 species), based on a comprehensive database of plant distribution that is compiled from numerous national, provincial, and local floras, inventory reports of nature reserves, and scientific papers, and carefully checked by a number of experts from different regions of China. The atlas also provides climate information with average and ranges of 13 climatic indices for each of all these species. The classification system of the atlas consults the latest published "Flora of China" and "Catalogue of Life: 2008 Annual Checklist", and the definition of classification units is consistent with the latest international standards.

This is the first atlas for documenting spatially-explicit information on distribution of woody plants in China. The readers will benefit from the atlas with better understanding of plant distribution and its relationship with climate in China.FANG is currently Director of the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a professor at Peking University; WANG is currently a Research Assistant at University of Copenhagen, Denmark; YAO is currently an associate professor of Peking University.  

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