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The Third China-Japan Colloquium of Mathematical Biology was held in Beijing
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  The Third China-Japan Colloquium of Mathematical Biology (CJCMB3) was held from 18 to 21 October, 2010, in Beijing. The CJCMB3 was organized and hosted by the Chinese Society for Mathematical Biology (CSMB) and the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IB-CAS), in conjunction with the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology (JSMB). The chairman of Scientific Committee is Professor Lansun CHEN (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Professor Yasuhiro TAKEUCHI (Shizuoka University), Professor Zhenqing LI(Chinese Academy of Sciences) acted as a chairman of Organizing Committee. CJCMB3 had abtained the financial support from NSFC -JSPS Scientific Cooperation Program and the State Key Laboratory of Vegetation and Environmental Change.

  There are 150 participants from the China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and Algeria. The colloquium had gained a great success. It went smoothly as scheduled. In these 4 days the colloquium had covered most of aspects of mathematical Biology and many interesting topics. The scientific program included 34 invited talks, 28 contributed talks and 13 poster presentations. All the presentations were very illuminating and informative. The mathematicians and biologists have discussed the opportunities and challenges of mathematical biology in modern biology and the perspectives of mathematical biology. The presentations are including analyses and simulations on various stabilities and complex phenomena of bifurcations and chaos in ecology, epidemiology, bioinformatics, evolutionary dynamics, molecular biology, management of resources, and environment science.

  The colloquium has succeed in strengthening communication and cooperation among mathematical biology researchers of China and Japan and other countries in the world, and in addressing the opportunities and challenges of mathematical biology and the perspectives of mathematical biology. The colloquium has brought together Chinese and Japanese and other countries professionals and students from mathematical biology and other relative fields to present their latest observations, methods and their new ideas, the result of the colloquium will carry the study of mathematical biology to a new stage, and as well as to help promoting mathematical biology research and education in China and Japan.

  The Fourth China-Japan Colloquium of Mathematical Biology will be held in Korea in 2010 and all the scientists who are interested in this research field are welcomed to join in.

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