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Institute of Botany Held Greeting Ceremony and High-end Academic Forum to Celebrate the 80th Anniversary
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Institute of Botany held the 80th anniversary ceremony

On the morning of September 28th, representatives of former leaders, Academicians of CAS, staffs and students gathered to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Institute of Botany.

 Dr. Ma Keping, Director of the Institute of Botany gave a public speech. He said that in the past 80 years, the Institute of Botany, has been the center for botany study in China, and the development of Institute of Botany is also related closely to the country's fate. Since 1949, Institute of Botany has developed from an institution engaged in a single plant taxonomy into a comprehensive botanic research institutions with several branches, and has contributed a lot in scientific research, personnel training and science accumulation. During the past 80 years, Institute of Botany has been striving to make contributions in meeting the needs of national development and the promotion of academic progress; Institute of Botany always abide by the basic norms of scientific research, adhere to the academic Democracy, and strive to foster a healthy academic atmosphere; always insisted on "the result of a talent" as the core objective of striving for national construction and development of the discipline's greatest contribution at the same time, nurture and bring up a team there as a science and technology ; Always adhere to the scientific spirit and spread scientific thinking and scientific knowledge of social responsibility in order to enhance scientific literacy for all services. As a comprehensive scientific research institutions for basic Plant Science, in the next few years, the Institute of Botany will keep focusing on the major scientific issues of ecological environment, modern agriculture and the sustainable use of plant resources, further condensing scientific objectives, optimizing the structure of subjects, concentrating superior forces, to achieve breakthroughs in 3-5 research directions, and provide the theoretical basis for utility-related technology; will take the training and fostering of talented people as the most important tasks, to form a innovative team which can solve the major issues in national economic development and has a significant impact on international academic circles of plant science; will enhance the overall innovation capability by strengthening the construction of platforms, improving the operational mechanism and promoting cultural innovation, build the Institute of Botany into the world's leading scientific research institutions and fully realize the transition from the classic botany to the modern plant sciences, lead and promote the development of integrative plant biology in our country. In the afternoon, Dr. Chong Kang, Deputy Director of Institute of Botany chaired “high-end academic forum for 80th anniversary of Institute of Botany”. Dr. Chua Nam Hai, Andrew W Mellon Professor, Rockefeller University and Foreign member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Qin Dahe, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Third World Academy of Sciences and Dr. Xue Yongbiao, Director of the Institute of Genetic and Developmental Biology, CAS gave the researchers and students several excellent presentations. The scientists inside and outside of Institute of Botany gave positive response to this high-end Forum and it is bound to promote international exchanges and the development of disciplines of our institute. (Foreign Affairs Office)

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