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Chinese Bulletin of Botany (CBB) (in Chinese )
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Chinese Bulletin of Botany (CBB) is a comprehensive journal of plant science printed in Chinese and co-sponsored by IOB and the Botanical Society of China. In 2008, the CBB published six issues with a total of 95 papers, 762 pages and about 1 M words. The circulation for one year was 4,230. The preparative work for a new version of CBB in 2009 has been basically completed, with the first issue of 2009 published in advance. As well, a new version of the CBB website and the on-line editorial system have been updated. Moreover, the academic level and the editorial and printing quality of CBB have been improved greatly. Statistical data from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China indicate that the domestic IF and ranking of CBB have been elevated, from 0.759 and 14, respectively, in 2006 to 1.033 and 10, respectively, in 2007. 

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