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Education & Training

Education for graduates in 2009
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At the end of 2009, IOB enrolled 610 graduates, among whom 309 were doctoral students and 301 were master’s students. In total, 47 people were employed as postdoctoral researchers. 
 Scientific output of graduates
In 2009, 113 graduates applied for Ph.D. and master’s degrees. Many of these graduates published papers in international journals such as PNAS, Plant Cell, The Plant Journal, New Phytologist, Journal of Proteome Research and Molecular Ecology. In 2009, 15 papers were published in journals with impact factors > 5, with the graduates as the first author. The PhD thesis of Mingyi Bai was selected as a “2009 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Chinese Academy of Sciences”, 4 current PhD students were awarded Prizes of the Director of CAS and 13 current PhD students were awarded other prizes.
The BBS and the publication Green Metasequoia were established to study the living conditions of graduates. Problems are noted to the BBS, by maintenance log or maintenance phone, or by direct contact with the relevant managers. The administration gives timely feedback by the BBS, the Internet, sessions and other ways.
Many student activities were organized, such as outward development and a New Year’s party. We invited many students from other universities to join our activities to promote communication.

Teacher's day celebration activity

The communication activity sponsored by IOB and Institute of Computing Technology, CAS

The communication activity sponsored by 7 institutions in Beijing was held in Beijing Botany Garden of IOB

This fun sport meeting  was full of special features, sponsored once a year by the Research Center for Molecular and Developmental Biology, IOB.

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